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Blades of Ascension

Blades of Ascension is a VR MMO Experience powered by the Community.

You can learn more about the project and participate in it, here at Blades of

Jedi Knight 2 Reborn - Unity Project

The Jedi Knight 2 Reborn Unity Project can be downloaded from the links below. Please note that this is no playable version.

Paid Unity Plugins (Playmaker, Sonic Ether Bloom) are not included in this package.

Again, this package is not for gamers but for game dev enthusiasts. May the force be with you.

Download Part 1 (512MB)via Dropbox

Download Part 2 (512MB)via Dropbox

Download Part 3 (512MB)via Dropbox

Download Part 4 (512MB)via Dropbox

Download Part 5 (173MB)via Dropbox